controll smoking with hypnosis

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controll smoking with hypnosis

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Are you sick of being controlled by cigarettes? Concerned about the many health risks of smoking? Sick of the smell in your hair, on your breath, on your clothes, in your house and car? Are you feeling like a social outcast? If you’re sincerely ready to become smoke-free and quit smoking—and are interested in a safe, drug-free approach that diminishes your desire for tobacco, hypnosis can help you.
Maybe you feel as though there’s a "tug of war" going on inside of you. A part of you desperately wants to quit smoking, a dangerous habit—but another part of you is afraid to let go—after all, you are deriving some pleasure from smoking, or you wouldn’t smoke. "It helps me relax, it’s soothing," etc., etc. Logically, you realize that any "pleasure" you feel is not comparable to the vast amount of problems created by smoking, but you’re a bit nervous about quitting. That’s understandable—but you can do this! Most clients find that quitting is smoother and easier than they ever imagined. Make your mind work for you, rather than against you—and get ready to succeed!

Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking
Through a combination of hypnosis and coaching, you’ll gain an understanding of why you smoke, and will release the need for cigarettes. You’ll be prompted to replace the "ritual" of smoking with healthier, smarter behaviors. You already know that relying strictly on willpower is a difficult and ineffective way to stop smoking. So why not use a method that actually diminishes the desire and need, and offers the benefits of stress reduction and empowerment?

Have you been convincing yourself that if you stop smoking, you’ll gain weight? Weight gain is not a natural outcome of smoking cessation—it only happens if you substitute eating for smoking—and using this method, you will choose not to do that. Your sense of taste and smell will improve, and you’ll actually be satisfied with less food as a result.

Your Hypnosis Program to Quit Smoking
The Quit Smoking Program is a three-session program*, and is successful in creating permanent change for motivated individuals. The majority of clients stop smoking after the first session; a few drastically reduce after the first session and stop at the second. Regardless, each client is expected to complete all three sessions because the reinforcement helps ensure that the change is a permanent one. And, to make certain that you remain smoke-free, you’ll be given a reinforcement CD and self-hypnosis instruction—and will be asked to do a few minutes of practice for several weeks—to firmly establish your healthier behaviors.

What to Expect at Your First Visit: Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
Expect your first visit to be pleasant, informative, and powerful—and to put you into high-gear for achieving your goals. It will consist of:

•A discussion of your health, lifestyle, and smoking habits.
•A review of your motivational Quit Smoking Program folder, which includes strategies for smoking cessation and a reinforcement CD.
•A conversation about hypnosis and how it works.
•An empowering hypnosis session that is tailored to your needs; and that includes key suggestions, a range of hypnotic techniques, and leaves you with an "I will do it!" attitude.
•A brief discussion about the experience.
•Instruction in self-hypnosis.
Follow-up visits last about 50 minutes, and each includes a discussion of your progress and a client-centered hypnosis session.

* A word of caution about one-session hypnosis group programs to stop smoking:
Only a small percentage of attendees experience results - and those results are often temporary. Frequently held in hotels by practitioners based in other states, these programs are lacking in reinforcement and support, individualized attention, or suggestions customized to the needs of each person. Additional product purchases may be encouraged - so what seems like a small registration fee can evolve into much greater expense.

"You are the Gardener of Your Own Being."

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