management of stress with hypnosis

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management of stress with hypnosis

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Effects of Stress on Health
Perhaps you’ve been feeling edgy, unfocused, irritable—just not right. You’re constantly going and doing, and feeling pulled in too many directions. Perhaps your mind feels as though it’s on overdrive—and it’s affecting you physically. When your conscious mind is overloaded with stress and worry, your subconscious signals your body and physiological changes occur—for example, your heart pumps faster, blood pressure increases, and immune system functioning may become compromised. Your muscles may feel tense, your stomach upset, your energy level down, your sleep disrupted. Science has demonstrated links between prolonged stress and significant health issues, so it’s important to take action. There is a growing body of research demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnosis in reducing stress, enhancing immune system functioning, and promoting health.
Using Hypnosis to Manage Stress
With hypnosis and coaching, you will be able to induce feelings of calm and relaxation, and to uncover and address factors creating stress in your life. Instead of exhausting your mind with all sorts of issues and worries, you’ll allow your mind to rest and rejuvenate, gain a better perspective, and focus clearly on those things you want to focus on.

Your Program: Managing Stress with Hypnosis
Most clients report significant improvement within three sessions. Each person’s situation is different, so your program will be tailored and adjusted according to your needs. As a stress management client, you’ll begin your journey to improved well-being with a three-session start-up program. At the third session, you and I together will evaluate your progress, and make a determination about additional sessions.

You will become a "partner" in the process of stress management and relaxation. That means taking a few minutes each day to practice self-hypnosis and to listen to a reinforcement CD.

What to Expect at Your First Visit: Using Hypnosis to Manage Stress
Expect your first visit to be pleasant, informative, and relaxing—and to be a springboard for helping you to reach your goals. Our first meeting will include:

•An intake that will allow me to gather information about your general health, lifestyle habits, the stressors in your life and how they are impacting you.
•A review of the Stress Management Program folder, which includes guidelines for stress management and a reinforcement CD.
•A conversation about hypnosis and how it works.
•A hypnosis session that is tailored to your needs; and includes key suggestions, a range of hypnotic techniques, and leaves you with an "I will do it!" attitude.
•A brief discussion of the experience.
•Basic instruction in self-hypnosis.
Follow-up visits last about 50 minutes, and include a discussion of your progress, a client-centered hypnosis session, and additional goal-setting. Make your mind work for you, rather than against you—and get ready to succeed!

"You are the Gardener of Your Own Being."

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